After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF Download

After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF Download

By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2015-02-24
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romance

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“This last book went a little too fast at the end but I loved it like all the other ones. ITS AN AMZING STORY #HESSA“

“It was so great. I loved the ending. I cried and just fell so in love with who they had become. The characters really grew but also still had their same tendencies. I was sad to see it end. Kind of in a book depression now.“

“I was so weird there for a second but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending. I'm balling right now. Beautiful!“

“I can't even explain on how good this book is, it's better than good actually! This book is just amazingly great!!!“

“If you like a book that is so captivating you can't put it down, and that you enjoy reading so much that you don't want it to end, then this book is for you! Anna Todd is an exceptional writer, making you fall in love with her characters. I sincerely hope that she is working hard on her next novel because I can't wait to read it! Bravo Anna! Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie(s?) also, and thank you Paramount for making the movie, soon, I hope! I hope that Paramount will strive to make a movie that is a worthy depiction of the book it represents.“

“Okay I spent $8 on this book only to read it and find out it's a remake of book three after we fell on wattpad. The ending was the only new factor when we heard about their kids and her getting pregnant. None of it was new. Save your money.“

“This series is pretty good. But the who entire series is just a vicious cycle. The fight, break up, the girl cries, the boy promises it will all go well, happily ever after, then cycle goes over again and again. It gets annoying. She cries too much, the boy acts like a savage. It obviously is a good story and pretty interesting but the cycle gets pretty annoying. Overall (the whole entire structure and elements) it is OK. 😐“

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