12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson PDF Download

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson PDF Download

By: Jordan B. Peterson
Relase Date: 2018-01-23
Genre: Psychology, Health, Mind & Body

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“Dr. Peterson makes the case eloquently and in plain speak of how we as a society have left all those things that made man successfully evolve to be better in every way and have embraced an existence of pussified mediocrity led by women and denial of basic human needs. Jordan lays out a blueprint with set clearly thought out principles with very reasonable and well thought it justification as to why we are failing as a society, who is responsible to fix it (men), and how to change ourselves to bring our world back from the disaster known as progressivism. Disgusting communist progressive liberal democrats are a plague on our world and must be purged either by jailing, ostracizing them to a meager poverty stricken existence, death, destruction or breeding them out of existence then making all their beliefs to include Islam illegal with the immediate penalty of death. What I just said is preposterous! This is what Peterson warns against because he cautions against overcorrecting (my words) too far too the right as dictators have done many times before! Get this book and also Maps of Meaning for intellectual thought provoking information as well! 12 Rules is fantastic and really has changed my life by pulling me back to embrace what I am, what I need to be, and what I had forgotten due to society breaking down our previous societal norms. Great book! Buy one for yourself and one for all your family members, make and female alike!“

“The book was awake up call for me. I in joyed read about new ideas to follow and practice. Listening, being truthful, trying to understand other peoples problems above my own. But always standing up straight. It taught me that being good doesn’t mean opening your house and let people take thing because they say they need help.“

“This book is out of the norm because it has such normal common ways of how to be decent.“

“Incredibly insightful, well written.“

“This is true of human experience. This is a masterpiece. You will gain something from this I promise you.“

“This book is a love-hate kind of read. You will love the parts that apply to you personally and protect your values. You may hate the rest. On the surface, this book is compelling, and easy, in the moment, to agree with the author’s views. Unfortunately as the story unfolds, in trying to accommodate everyone, he ends up creating an argument of why the world should protect people that share his demographic profile and values. While I appreciate his attempts to change my world-view, after spending a few weeks away, I now believe that the author was in a very dark state when he created this book. Yes, darkness must exist to give light meaning, but more darkness doesn’t necessarily create more light. Theorizing out of fear tends to appeal to those who wish to return to (or keep) the status quo, not those who want to change or overcome it. Feel free to read, just be prepared to love and hate it, regardless of your current status.“

“Informative and unassuming. Nothing the msm makes it or JBP out to be. A classic example of don’t judge a book by its cover or, what someone else tells you about it. See for yourself.“

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